Step 4


Now that you have taken a close look at yourself, you’ve defined your goals and dreams and you’ve laid out the barriers currently lurking between where you stand right now and the goals you will accomplish. It’s important to understand that no one is more worthy of having and achieving those great things than you. Every person born to this earth has the same amount of inherent value and reason to succeed, to chase their dreams and to fulfill their purpose. For whatever reason, far too many of us begin to believe that certain great fortunes are not meant for us.


Think back to when you were young, and you thought anything was possible. Well, you just may have been right. It turns out you didn’t realize back then, how difficult it would be to achieve your lofty goals and dreams, but now that you’ve experienced a few things and have probably taken a few blows, you’ve seen how harsh life can be. I’m willing to bet, you now don’t realize how easy those dreams and goals are to achieve. You’re vision has changed for the worse and at the same time that your skills have increased, your ability to navigate this life is much better, your wisdom and experience have grown. At this point there aren’t too many hurdles to jump or mountains to scale in order to attain the beautiful life you deserve and once held as your goal.


Brene Brown talks about the patterns in her data that show why some people have such a difficult time being vulnerable and reaching for their dreams while others do not. The only factor in her data was that the ones who shoot for the stars feel worthy of being loved. There was no difference in trauma or relationship problems it was simply some people feel worthy of being loved with all their other imperfections, while some people feel unworthy of being loved and therefore try to hide their weaknesses and have a very difficult time being vulnerable.


If the only difference between the achievers and the settlers is a mind set then I'm going to have the mindset of an achiever and I invite you to have it as well. Lets take this journey, and enjoy the entire ride.


I am worthy of all the things that I am, I have and I'm working toward.

  • To love and be loved.
  • To serve and be served.
  • To spend time with my loved ones.
  • To have impact.
  • To be rich and to help the poor.
  • To have nice things.
  • To take my dream vacations.
  • To have good friends.
  • To play, to work, to relax, to receive, worship...