Win, Lose and Learn; Taking Risk

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If you choose not to act then you are betting on what is already at play. If you choose to change, you are betting on the new formula. But don’t think for a second that you’re not taking risk at every moment. As Jim John puts it, “it’s all risky.” If you put your money under your mattress, you are risking theft, you’re risking the loss of interest gained from a wise investment, you’re risking opportunities to enter and learn about new business or personal development, you’re risking fire. If you invest your money, you’re risking a loss of capital if the investment goes wrong, the economy could suffer a major setback, you're risking access to capitol.


In her book The Dr. Is In, Dr. Ruth says, “You can’t be a risk taker and expect to win every time. If you could control the future, then you wouldn’t be taking any risks. And while failure leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, the sweetness of winning more than makes up for it, and you’ll never win at anything unless you take a risk in the first place.”


Since you can’t control the future and you can’t win at anything without intentionally taking risks, choosing not to act is a bet on what’s already at play and since everything is risky, you might as well use what you have with purpose and intention to make progress, to win and lose a few, to grow, to gain perspective and expertise. You'll feel the emotions of gratitude, accomplishment, growth and love. Gain perspective and wisdom with the time and resources you have. Help yourself and others with all that you win, lose and learn.

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