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This is a fabulously written book with stories and examples along with questions throughout to help you analyze where you currently are in life, discover exactly what your true prosperity goals are and how you can take the next step toward achieving them. This book is packed with good information, every chapter is valuable. The authors Ethan Willis and Randy Garn have taught a course on prosperity to tens of thousands of people using these same methods. The information they are sharing has been tried and tested.

A few of the highlights to me were their 6 prosperity practices

  • Locate Your Polaris Point
  • Live in Your Prosperity Zone
  • Earn from Your Core.
  • Start with What You Already Have
  • Commit to Your Prosperity Path
  • Take Profound Action

Using these principles you will be able to clearly define your lifestyle goals. Once you’ve determined the lifestyle you desire you can create financial goals to meet those needs and at the same time you can earn money by doing something you are excited about, something that makes you happy day in and day out. The authors believe that your career aught to be something you are passionate about and serves the community around you. When those two principles are at play you will be able to sustain a high level of prosperity.

“People who emphasize generosity and selflessness and feel good about giving away a part of their prosperity tend to be happier than those who focus on obtaining more and more material goods.”

The authors reference a study done in Germany testing people’s ability to walk in a specific direction without a reference point. It says that once the sun and moon were out of site every single test subject literally walked in circles. This is a perfect example or analogy of what happens in life if we do not clearly define our goals and set our sights upon them. You need to know exactly where you are headed in order to truly make progress.

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