I Quit My Job!

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Jim Rohn frequently said, "If you manage your money well you can become a millionaire by age 30 and if you find a unique opportunity, earlier." Well, if you've been following my blog and YouTube  channel you know that I got off track with my finances, and over the last couple years I've changed several habits and put myself back on track. I won't go into detail now but go back and check out the journey.


I quit my job last month. My last day was December 21, 2016, and I am now jumping into a business opportunity that I think and hope is a "unique opportunity". Most of the businesses I've helped build were smaller side hustles but this will be bigger. I have very high hopes and will continue to share my journey with you as I go. My first business trip is tomorrow, so I'll have a much clearer picture of how things will go by the end of the week.


It's an exciting feeling to have quit my job to chase a bigger dream. I've always wanted to be a full time entrepreneur but never had that one thing that I felt was worth dropping everything else to go all in. I'm absolutely loving this time in my life and am filled with excitement about the possible future. Work is fun when it's something you're excited about. My main job duties aren't significantly different but I'm more in control of my use of time and strategy, and the income potential basically has no ceiling so the better I am at the job, the bigger the reward.


Of course I want to increase my income and opportunity but I'm really excited about the journey. So many wealthy people talk about it being about the the journey, the things you learn, the trials you overcome in order to succeed, not the money. I don't think money brings happiness but achieving something you've always dreamed of brings joy, and money allows you to control your next step a little better.


I am now working with people I choose, and like, to work with so I'm also following the advice of Warren Buffett who has spoken many times about the privilege of doing something he loves with people he enjoys being around. He and Charlie Munger have been business partners for several decades and they continue to enjoy working together. It's much easier to maintain a passion for what you do if you appreciate the people and job duties you go to every day.


My primary business partner is someone I've become very close to as a friend and a business partner. I worked in a similar position but for a different company and looked to him for advice and friendship then I worked under him in the same company. I'm excited to do our own thing together, where we can create a company culture that supports its employees and cultivates a gratitude society.


Exciting times! Thank you to everyone who has supported me educated me, and challenged me. This is an interesting time in my life and I obviously have high hopes for success but there is always a chance of failure. That's a risk I'm willing to take because through failure you learn and grow as well. Stay tuned for more insight on my journey. Live with passion, build the life you want. Make life happen.

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