Keep the Passion

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I cannot overstate how important it is to find the thing or things you love doing and to make them a priority in your life. I have had jobs throughout my life that once I quit I was so excited to never go back and years later maintain the gratitude of freedom from the pain. Other types of jobs and hobbies on the other hand, keep pulling me back in, no matter how many times I take a break or put it aside I find joy in coming back. These are the areas you should pursue, become an expert, which will happen naturally because of the passion and curiosity you inherently have.


People often pursue a career path that they think will be lucrative despite the fact that their passion lies in a different arena.  This can almost immediately put a glass ceiling on your level of joy as well as success. In the world today you can make exceptional amounts of money doing almost anything as long as you express your uniqueness and market your passion. Generations before us had to sell their products and visions to the people they could meet face to face. We have no geographical boundaries. The entire globe is our marketplace.


Take a look at YouTube and Facebook. There are channels and feeds that have millions of followers for things as simple as flipping markers and water bottles or makeup tutorials and trick shots. I’ve also seen full production sports talk shows online that have multiple cameras interviews and high tech digital aids. You can do anything you want and turn it into a business that makes great money. When you take this route the only limit on how high you can go is the rate at which you can grow. There are roughly 8 billion people out there and they keep multiplying so your market is growing faster than your business. The sky is the limit.


 Watch the people who are making money doing something you enjoy, and get started. Most people are slow to start and impatient to see results, you should be impatient to start and patient with results. The results will come as you grow your audience, become creative with your product and find your own unique spin on the industry. Let your gifts, talents and ideas come out, show your passion and be sincere about what you are doing. The world with be attracted and the money will begin to come as well.


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