Leverage Your Passion

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Making money comes naturally if you leverage your passions and expertise. We all have things we're passionate about and we're all expert or in the process of becoming expert at something. Some people have included in their expertise the ability to market their passions to the world, and those are the new rich.


When I was studying business at Utah Valley University, I remember attending a talk by Steven R. Covey. One little side note he threw out while answering a student's question was a quick review of the type of and quantity of production between each era. While I don't know the exact numbers he said you'll get the point. He said the hunter gatherers were outdone 10X by the farmers. The manufacturers out performed the farmers 100X. The information age outperformed the manufacturing era by 1000X and the he said we are going to a place where management will no longer exist, but people will do the thing they are good at and passionate about. They will do the thing they want, when they want from the place they want and they will outperform the information age by 100,000X or more.




The transition has been interesting in itself, just watching young people working from their bedrooms while living at home making more money by age 18 than their parents have made their entire work life. Hearing the discussions about the rising generations and watching some of the unknowns unfold. But, the exciting part to me is watching Steven Covey's prediction unfold, and I get to be a part of this era.


You don't have to look to far to find someone who is making great money doing what they love. There are thousands of travel bloggers, mommy bloggers, tech bloggers, social media gurus, tech support people living on exotic islands, businessmen teaching about business, finance gurus, You Tubers of every kind, the list is endless. People are doing what they want and marketing that to the world.


No matter what you are passionate about, there are at least a million people out there who share your passion and the internet has broken the physical boundaries of geography. You still have to work hard to find and connect with those people but it is now very achievable. Learn from those already doing what you want to do and then put your own flavor or spin on it. In my experience you'll discover your niche after you start down a road of something you are passionate about, so the key is starting.

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