You Think Like The People You Hang Around

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There are several phrases referring to this idea that


"You are what you eat."


"You become the average of your five closest friends."


"You become who you hang around."


"You think about what you see, hear and do."


You get the point. The information we consume, the people we hang out with and the activities we take part in are all very much connected, and piece by piece they change who we are.


I have experienced this for myself and it was actually very fun to intentionally hang around millionaires and entrepreneurs as much as possible in order to change myself. I read their books, watched their videos, listened to their podcasts and sought them out as friends. I increased my interaction and consumption of ideas, attitudes and perspectives from those who already are where I want to be.


At first many of the topics and ideas that were repetitive were intriguing and fun to think about. It was interesting to sort of wrap my mind around a certain concept or perspective. After a couple months many of the ideas around money, debt, income, cash flow, risk, courage, hard work, investment and entrepreneurship became solidified and commonplace. I began to think and feel about those things the same way those millionaires and entrepreneurs do. I started to think like them and more importantly I started to act like them. I started my own businesses and got back to my old self with investing. I increased my income dramatically, and unique opportunities started to fall into my lap. I got 5 really good job offers within about 2 months, none of which, I sought out. They all approached me. One offer was well over six figures but the timing was off so I turned it down. I have other avenues for making money and have the option of considering other things along with income when it comes to job opportunities. It's a great place to be and it's exciting to be living it.


I look back now on my transformation that took place over a matter of months and it's hard to belief I was so naive and uneducated about some of the principles that create financial success and freedom.


There are two big reasons people are not financially fit. Either they don't know how to earn and manage money, or they don't have the motivation to earn and manage their money like a rich person. I had a mixture of both. I was well educated in some aspects of investment, having started at a young age I've lived through a few hard knock as well as big gains. I knew better when it came to credit cards and student loans but over time my lifestyle and income began to collide and my lifestyle won for a few years. One place I was backwards on was the types of debt I had and the types of debt I had been avoiding were completely backward.


I didn't intend on writing so much about myself but it has been such a fun transformation and it can be for anyone out there who wants the same experience. The internet has removed so many barriers to success that the options are endless. For the first time in modern history the little guy has many advantages over the big guy, the gate keepers are mostly gone or irrelevant and opportunity is all around us. No matter what you are interested in there are thousands or millions of others interested in the same vein and they are now reachable because of the free-est free market of all time. The internet.


So go find the people, places and information that you want to transform your brain and lifestyle. Live the life that you want. The best part is the journey so get excited, get motivated and jump into the deep end with both feet. (I'm talking about the pool of information of course.) Information makes you powerful, it makes you a resource. Become an expert in whatever you are passionate about and others will seek you out.


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